Civil Discourse #2: You Keep Using That Word…

Show Notes

Regular hosts Becka (@tainkirrahe), Erica (@transsoundwave), and Umar (@speed_freak01) are joined by guest Matty (@MattyFranklyn) to discuss the rise of rhetorical incontinence (the corruption of a word’s meaning by repeated incorrect or misassigned usage) both on the internet in general as well as in the fandom sphere.

T/W: During the episode we will be discussing terms that have been and are being used as derogatory slurs. This may be upsetting for some listeners.

Please note this episode also contains some strong language.

If you wish to skip ahead to the fandom-centric portion then set your audioplayer of choice to 55 minutes! 🙂


Each episode we ask our hosts and guests to recommend something to our listeners! This week:

  • Matty recommends YouTuber Tom Avella‘s series ‘Buzzwords from the Right’, in keeping with today’s subject;
  • Umar has cheekily opted for two recommendations:
    • First up it’s a new podcast that breaks down bad films and builds them back up into an elevator pitch – handily named Elevator Storm!
    • Second is the Khidr Collective, a community for British Muslims who have recently published a zine – go check them out!
  • Erica recommends a Transformer. Specifically, a set of Transformers. Specifically, the Megatronia gift set – for all those who thought Victorion looked like a ‘sad watermelon’!
  • Becka recommends the Annihilation Trilogy by Jeff Vandermeer – for all fans of weird scifi that leaves you reeling for weeks afterward!

Remember, we want to hear from you! You can find all of our contact details on the Contact Us page!

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