Civil Discourse #4 – So Your Favourite Creator Is Actually Problematic

Regular hosts Becka (@tainkirrahe), Erica (@transsoundwave), and Umar (@speed_freak01) are joined by Stuart (@inflatabledalek) and Adam (@zerokaiser85) to discuss what happens when the media we consume is being created by people whose personal politics we do not disagree with.

Stuart was previously on Episode 1 of Civil Discourse, and his book Transformation: Volume 2 is now available from!


Each episode we ask our hosts and guests to recommend something to our listeners! This week:

  • Adam is recommending “The Refrigerator Monologues”, a fictional novel written from the perspective of all the female characters over the years in comics who have been fridged
  • Erica would like to recommend coming to TF Nation! …But also going out and playing a fun game of Ping Pong with someone! Go out, have fun, be chill.
  • Umar recommends sitting down and watching Transformers: Animated because there will be a follow up comic exclusive to TF Nation! TF NATION GET HYPE, PART 2!
  • There is an Electric Cinema showing of Quatermass and the Pit near Stuart in Birmingham and both he and I enthusiastically recommend going to see it!
  • And finally, Becka recommends following @Ravenmaster1 on Twitter because he is a man who really loves his birbs – and also to rewatch Star Trek: Deep Space 9, because it is the best Trek. Fight her.

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